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QW 2605C1 Compressor Nebulizer (black diamond)

Special equipment for effective treating method of inhalation..

The doctor in the world at present is widely believed that compressing inhalation method is the most effective way for treating disease of respiratory system.

  • working principle
  • range of application
  • Clinical advantages
  • technical advantage
QW2605C1 series Compressor Nebulizer is according to Venturi domino offect. Take advantage of oil free technology of air compressing by means slight pipe orifice to make jet stream. The produced negative pressure will drive the liquid spouting to the flap. The liquid will change into vaporific particle and eject by exit pipe.

It is applicable for nebulization dose of acute pharyngitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) etc.

Oil free airless compressor, daily maintenance free, the operation is more simple and convenient.

No heat produced during working, it avoids the thermodestruction to lower medicine effect.

Active compound nebulization, no need attenuation, good clinic effect, nearly no medicine residual quantity, high utilization ratio of drug.

Less drug dosage, high concentration, short medication time to avoid excessive humidifying of respiratory tract.

The particle distribution is reasonable, can short into the upper respiratory tract and deposit to the target organ.

We adopt the latest oil free airless compressing technology and atomizing cup design which got the national patent. The properties of product is more stability and easier use, long life and easy maintenance.