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Oxygen Nebulization Mask ( Model WXLCD105 Adult Mask)

The nebulization treating method has been necessary method of respiratory system dose. It is the first choice of children and the aged who have lower tolerance of taking medicine or transfusion. Its clinical effect is remarkable, and it is recognized by international medical profession of effective treating method.

  • working principle
  • range of application
  • Clinical advantages
  • technical advantage
According to Venturi domino offect, the produced negative pressure produced by the air or oxygen pass the slight pipe orifice with high speed will drive the liquid spouting to the flap. The liquid will change into vaporific particle and eject by exit pipe.

It is applicable for nebulization dose of acute pharyngitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) etc.

It is applicable to the adult of critical patients, after operation and special requirement.

PVC mask of medical class, soft and closely to the skin but will not cause skin irritation.

Humanized design of flexibility nasal splint and headband to ensure the well breathe of critical patients.

The design of free rotation bend to ensure that different post of patient can be relax and smooth during treatment.

Unique design of air hole can avoid relapse of carbon dioxide.

The nebulization cup adopts the brand new biomedical polymer material injection molding, and produced in the hundred thousand class standard workshop.

It adopts special process design, the surface of cup is bright and dean, less residual medicine, high medicine usage.

Unique nebulization cup card slot, it has patent of preventing opposite installation and easier operation.

Unique nebulization cup coverage, this make the user operates easy and convenient.

During the whole process of medicine nebulization, there is no electric field, magnetic field and heat ect. So the treatment won’t change the drug properties.

The mid-value diameter of nebulization article is 2.875um. This will make the medicine short intothe upper respiratory tract and deposit to the target organ. The article diameter of0.5um-5um is more than 77%.