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Consumables of Urodynamic System
The most professional Urodynamic consumables manufacturer.
Only manufacture of F6 double lumen pressure urethral catheter in China.
  • working principle
  • range of application
  • Clinical advantages
  • technical advantage
The catheter will be inserted into bladder after oiled, then the disinfected water will be pumped in to bladder by catheter. The catheter will be connected with pressure sensor of urodynamic system by tubes. The Urodynamic System utilizes the principle of connected liquid (equal altitude) has same pressure evenly to test the urethral pressure and bladder pressure, by means of this to know the function of bladder and urethral in the period of urine storage and voiding.
The catheter connected with Urodynamic System by liquid connection tubes. By means of these tubes the pressure is delivered to the sensor of Urodynamic System to test the inside pressure of bladder and urethral pressure.
  • It adopts high polymer material to produce and no damage to the urethral mucosa.
  • Easy and simple to handle.
  • Various models of catheter, convenient for clinical selection.
  • Sterilized packing, open it and can be used.
  • It adopts high polymer material, the catheter is smooth and high degree accuracy of test.
  • The texture is soft, and easy to bend, hard to break.
  • The manufacturer is the Urodynamic System producer, the research and producing is absolutely according to the requirement of ICS.