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Nidoc 970A+ Urodynamic System

Precedent of Chinese Urodynamic System

Win Second Prize of National Scientific-technical Progress.

Win the certificate of National Key-pint New Product.

  • working principle
  • range of application
  • Clinical advantages
  • technical advantage

Urodynamics is according with the principle of mechanics fluid, it is a science of adopting method of electrophysiology and sensor technology to research the process of urine storage and voiding and its dysfunction. It records the process of voiding dysfunction by mechanics fluid, electrophysiology and computer technology. Then analyze, judge and get whole report by computer specialized software. It is dedicated equipment of Urology Dept.

It is mainly used for diagnosis and examination of lower urinary tract function. Such as dysfunction of lower urinary voiding, bladder outlet obstruction, nervous bladder, urinary tract dysfunction of non-neurogenic bladder, enuresis, uracratia, urination dysfunction of children, etc.

It can adjust the angle all dimensionally by unique traction system.

It adopts the perfusion style of formlessness technology to realize constant current, the produced curve will make the diagnosis more accuracy and relaxed.

The weighing urine flow rate test make the examination more sensitive and accurate.

The only manufacturer of F6 double-lumen pressure examination catheter, and the patent of rectal pressure test catheter will make the operation easier and decrease patient’s pain.

We manufacture the consumable by our factory, so it is good quality and low cost.

It adopts the technology of wireless communication, this make the information transmission more simple.

The modular organization make easier clinic independent utility and software updated.

It can realize teleconsultation, diagnosis, maintenance, monitoring, teaching and communication

The totally English system, the report can be produced during the examination, the report format is Word or Excel and easy for operation.

It adopts the perfusion style of formlessness to avoid the interference from other apparatus or signal.