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Notice of the 4th CUA-BUIurodynamic standardization training course
2022-05-24 Source:Chengdu Wearnes UEST New Tech Co., Ltd

Following the successful convening of the first three CUA-BUIurodynamic standardization training meetings of the Chinese Medical Association and the society of Urology of the Chinese Medical Association, Weixin will continue to participate in the fourth "cua-bui United Yixian urodynamic standardization meeting" held from August 20 to 21, 2022. At that time, all clinical personnel are welcome to actively participate in the meeting, discuss together, and strive to improve the standardized clinical operation of urodynamics in China.

Academic theme:

(1) Principle of urodynamic examination

(2) Quality control in urodynamic examination

(3) Quantitative evaluation of symptomatology and free urine flow rate examination

(4) Bladder pressure measurement during filling period

(5) Image urodynamic characteristics and processing

(6) Urodynamic electroacupuncture and acupuncture effect

(7) Correlation analysis between the severity of urinary incontinence and urodynamic parameters


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