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Oxygen Nebulizing Mask
Range of application
It is applicable for nebulization dose of acute pharygitis, chronic obstructive.
•WXLCD05 Series
•WXLCD06 Series
•WXLCD09 Series
Oxygen Nebulizing Mask
WXLCD0105 Series
  • WXLCD0105 Adult Mask Model
  • WXLCD0205 Children Mask Model
  • WXLCD0305 Mouth Tube MOdel
WXLCD0106 SeriesThe atomization amount can be adjusted.
  • WXLCD0106 Adult Mask Mode
  • WXLCD0206 Children Mask Model
  • WXLCD0306 Mouth Tube MOdel
WXLCD0109 SeriesLying on the side without leakage, it can be atomized at multiple angles, and the atomization efficiency is higher.
  • WXLCD0109 Adult Mask Model
  • WXLCD0209 Children Mask Model
  • WXLCD0309Mouth Tube Model
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