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Urodynamic System
Product Introduction
Nidoc 970 series urodynamic system makes an objective evaluation of urinary tract dysfunction through its various urodynamic measurements and comprehensive analysis of patients, helping to make a comprehensive diagnosis. It is an essential test instrument for urodynamic examination in modern urology.

Nidoc970 series urodynamic system plays a very important role in the clinical and scientific research of urinary tract dysfunction diseases.

•The main box of the product is patented for appearance
•The product won the "second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award"
•The product won the "second prize of military science and technology progress"
•The product has obtained five invention patents and five utility model patents
•The product won the "second prize of national scientific and technological progress in population and family planning" and the "national key new product" jointly distributed by five national ministries and commissions.

Scope of Application
It is mainly used for the diagnosis and examination of lower urinary tract function in medical institutions.
Technical Parameter.
•Urination measurement range: 0mL~1000mL, error≤1%.
•Pressure measurement range: -2.45kPa~+19.61kPa.
•EMG measurement amplitude range: 20μV~1000μV.
•Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) ≥100dB.
•Wireless control.
Urodynamic System
  • Nidoc 970B
  • Nidoc 970A
  • Nidoc 970A
  • Rotary peristaltic filling pump
    Low perfusion fluctuation and good readability of measurement curve
  • Constant speed automatic filling and injection device
    There is no interference of urethral pressure measurement, and the detection is accurate and effective
  • Traction system
    New design, easy to adjust the angle in all directions
  • Front end of urinary flow rate
    Multi parameter automatic measurement and calculation
All kinds of conduits have passed the pressure transmission performance test, so the pressure measurement is more guaranteed
  • Urethral Pressure Cathete
  • Anorectal Pressure Catheter
All supporting consumables have independent registration certificates, and the unique design of liquid channel consumables effectively prevents hospital infection
Project detection, curve synchronous output, more accurate detection
  • Determination of urethral function
  • Uroflowmetry
  • Measurement of Synchronous
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